Fitness & Wellbeing

Exercise and Dance

Exercise is good for you. And it’s especially good for you if you have Parkinson’s. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach and the best exercise to do will depend on the way Parkinson’s affects you. But the message is the same for everyone – go for it! The Spelthorne Parkies Support group is run be local resident Jason Lane who aims to offer support to those who are affected by Parkinson’s.

Jason has arranged for Spelthorne Parkies to team up with Spelthorne Leisure Centre and Rory Bratt’s Personal training. Rory has researched into the benefits of how exercise plays an important part of those with Parkinson’s. Not only does this bring muscle improvement, it gets people moving, improves confidence, and importantly its good fun.

The group run two exercise classes per month at Spelthorne Leisure Centre, Staines. Nothing is too much, and the group and participate in as much or as little as they wish.


‘It is great encouragement to be with folk with Parkinson’s and their families. I never have thought I would ever be part of any exercise class! The fitness classes are excellent and they have helped me gain my confidence!’  (Sylvia)


‘I have been very fortunate to work with the Spelthorne Parkies Group. Everyone gives 100%, trying out all the exercises and pushing themselves whilst have fun. Personal training for me is not just about losing weight or gaining muscles, its about making people believe in themselves, building confidence and supporting people who want to achieve their own goals, no matter what it may be’ (Rory Bratt)

‘We have been a member of the Spelthorne Parkies Support group for nearly three years after my diagnosis. The Group has been valuable to both me and my husband. I am so pleased that Jason has arranged the fitness sessions at Spelthorne Leisure Centre which has been really helpful!’  (Siobhan)